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Gilsonite FLC Drilling Fluids

Gilsonite FLC increases the efficiency and strength of oil and hydrocarbon wells.

Today, Gilsonite can be named as an integral component for drilling wells, which reduces drilling fluids costs and improves drilling performance In addition, Gilsonite does not harm the environment and natural resources and is not in contradiction with environmental protection laws.

Gilsonite FLC Drilling Fluids prevents the shape of the well and the damage to the oil well

Due to the chemical and physical composition of the materials along the walls of the oil well, Gilsonite creates a very strong insulator without permeability against drilling fluids.

Gilsonite FLC unique property in terms of its compatibility with the oil wells and the flexibility of Gilsonite prevents fluid leaks and changes in oil wells in reactive clay layers even in the hot temperature of lower elevation of the wells.

Gilsonite FLC Drilling Fluids

Gilsonite FLC Drilling Fluids has been proven as a stabilizer to the wellbore

For drilling in pressurized areas, there is a need for different techniques to strengthen the well and drill fluids combined with Gilsonite. 

Adding Gilsonite to drilling compounds has several advantages such as preventing fine fractures in drilling drills and reducing pressure on it, Keep intact layers intact, Increases the level of the filtering layer, Create an insulating layer continuously without breaking through the walls of the oil well.

Gilsonite FLC Drilling Fluids is the best drilling material to prevent differential locking of the drilling machine

Gilsonite reduces the number of drill bits in high pressure and high humidity areas, minimizing pressure and improving moisture content, and increasing the life span of the drilling machine.

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