Gilsonite Will Reduce Mastic Asphalt Costs About 20% and increasing its performance too.

Recently we did research about how the physical and chemical properties of Gilsonite have an effect on Mastic Asphalt properties in comparison to Lake Asphalt which is normally used in Mastic Bitumen production.

In this research, we tested a normal type of Mastic Bitumen mixed with Lake Asphalt of 24% and formulations of bitumen modified mixed with Gilsonite with a viscosity of lower than 5% and 6%, and in all formulations, we use fixed content of Bitumen of about 8% because we wanted to have acceptable results in workability and deformation resistance of same Bitumen content in all formulations.

According to experiments comparing Bitumen Mastic mixed with Gilsonite and Bitumen Mastic mixed with lake asphalt, the results were as follows.

  • Increasing in softening point that will increase the resistance of Mastic Bitumen

  • Increasing in viscosity and elasticity of Mastic Bitumen and it will reduce road way cracking.

  • Static and dynamic indentation Reduced so the Mastic Bitumen finds a better resistance to permanent deformation.

  • The Mastic Bitumen mixed with Gilsonite had more resistance against the low temperatures and finally, the roadway will have better resistance against very cold weather.

  • The Mastic Bitumen cost reduced about 20% because Gilsonite can mix faster and easier and the costs of shipping and handling are reduced too.

As you can see now the results showed us that Gilsonite can help to make better Mastic Bitumen with better performance and resistance for making better Roadways, floor coating in buildings and other needed places so it means that the Gilsonite can be the best item which can replace of lake Asphalt for improving the quality of Mastic Bitumen.



This grade of Gilsonite would be in 200 mesh size powder mode and made from high-quality Gilsonite and it can be the best replacement of lake asphalt additives for Mastic Bitumen production.

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