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Gilsonite Supplier who is biggest and oldest company after many years experience in the base of Natural Asphalt business would be Asian Gilsonite company who have ability to supply all Grades of Natural Asphalt for all kind of industrial uses.

Asian Gilsonite is trying to introduce Natural Bitumen quality and grades to all industries. 

Our purpose is investing Natural Asphalt marketing in all countries of the world.

Gilsonite normally is calling Natural Asphalt or mineral Bitumen too and have many different industrial uses as raw materials and as additive materials.

For example will use in producing of these production process, some grades of Bitumen producing, waterproof roofing felt producing, in this products Natural Asphalt is using by mixing with Bitumen 80/100, in ink industries will use as additives by Carbon black, in foundry industries will use as additives with mud sands and in mud drilling fluid projects will use as FLC additives, these are some uses of Natural Asphalt and as you can see Mineral Bitumen is really usable material in very important industries, because of its cheap price and good features those are like petroleum Bitumen, Natural Asphalt could be a very good choice to decrease the final price of products in different Industries.

Natural Asphalt will export in Lump mode or Powder mode follow of clients request, we have powdering planet and follow of this ability can supply clients who need Natural Asphalt in powder mode too with mesh sizes of 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh and 300 mesh, some Industries need mineral Bitumen in Lump mode because they have powdering planet and do not need to buy Gilsonite powder from us.

So we can supply these clients too with any quality that they need.

Natural Asphalt packing in Lump mode would be 1000 kg Jumbo bags and Natural Asphalt powder packing would be 25 kg pp bags

Asian Gilsonite company will supply you best Natural Asphalt quality with any kind of Natural Asphalt packing that our clients will need just try our 15 years experience in supplying high quality mineral Bitumen.

Gilsonite products

Gilsonite Products

Think Big. Act Bigger.


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What is Gilsonite?

WHAT IS GILSONITE Gilsonite is a natural product from Crude

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GILSONITE FOUNDRY GRADE Gilsonite Foundry Grade will increase the quality

Gilsonite first supplier in the Middle East

Asian Gilsonite company after many years experience in the base of mining and powder producing of Natural Asphalt have ability to supply all Grades of mineral bitumen for all kind of industrial uses such as Ink, Painting, Drilling fluds FLC, Asphalt mixing, Bitumen emulsion, Cold asphalt, Water proof, Seal coating, …

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