Gilsonite for Mastic Asphalt 2023-05-22T19:31:38+04:30

Project Description

Gilsonite follow of its Chemical and Physical properties would be the best Alternative replacement of Trinidad Lake Asphalt or TLA for Mixing the Mastic Asphalt

NameGilsonite GMA Grade
Made ByAras Gilsonite
Product CodeGMA210
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Describtion of Gilsonite GMA Grade

Mastic asphalt is one of the types of hot mix asphalt with an even coating, which has good resistance for use in road construction, this grade of asphalt with a coarse grain structure, which includes aggregate, bitumen, filler, and fibers. This pavement coating is capable of a high percentage of coarse grains and fewer voids with more bitumen than traditional asphalt only if this kind of Asphalt mixed with Gilsonite will have better resistance and quality in front of water, heat, and heavy weights.

When this grade of Asphalt is mixed with Gilsonite has Better performance in terms of crack resistance with increasing softening point, viscosity, and elasticity of َAsphalt and Finally will have more resistance In front of the change of form because of the weights and temperature changes and another important item that we can say to our clients here is that using Gilsonite in this kind of Asphalt will reduce the cost till 25% and it would very important for all industries which are using this Asphalt grade or producing the Mastic Asphalt follow of the lower final price.

In the Europe and USA about half a century all of the companies who are doing road construction projects in their countries only using Gilsonite for producing this kind of asphalt

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