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Project Description

Gilsonite Asphalt Modifier of Asian Gilsonite is used in HOT MIX with Asphalt so follow of this we called it HMA grade and wide range uses of our Gilsonite would be in Asphalt industries in large quantities for mixing with Asphalt as Modifier additive.

NameGilsonite HMA Grade
Made ByAsian Gilsonite
Product CodeHMA
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Describtion of Gilsonite HMA

Gilsonite is known as one of the best materials used in making asphalt. The use of gilsonite in asphalt increases the strength of asphalt against high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter, thus preventing the asphalt from changing shape with temperature changes. Another property that Gilsonite adds to asphalt is the increased adhesion of asphalt, which makes it easy to disassemble and leaves no cracks or crevices. Another feature that you get by adding gilsonite to asphalt is the increase in asphalt resistance against the heavyweight of heavy vehicles. Today, even old road and street asphalt is covered with asphalt with Gilsonite additive, which is 20% thinner in thickness and has higher strength and extends the life of old asphalt.

In general, we can say that it is an Asphalt modifier that can be mixed directly with hot bitumen and other asphalt materials in the asphalt manufacturing plant without additional equipment, the resulting mixture has excellent adhesion properties, high strength and high performance and also would be water resistance too.

Asphalt Mix With Gilsonite Features

  • High strength and durability compared to asphalt without gilsonite
  • It will be more resistant to deformation
  • In terms of thickness, asphalt combined with Gilsonite will be less thick
  • It will be much less sensitive to decreasing temperature and increasing temperature
  • Due to the waterproof properties of Gilsonite, asphalt combined with Gilsonite is very resistant to water penetration.
  • Gilsonite extends the life of roads and strengthens them
Gilsonite Asphalt Modifier
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