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Gilsonite Sealer

Gilsonite Sealer using in the composition of Asphalt for the production of recycled Asphalts for Roads

Gilsonite sealer in Asphalt, will increase Lifetime of road Asphalt pavement. Gilsonite unique properties make it the best Asphalt admixture for street and road pavement applications.

Gilsonite sealer Hot mix with Asphalt

As a asphalt modifier, Gilsonite, due to its specific properties, makes the asphalt sensitivity less heat and shape less. When Gilsonite is used as a recyclable modifier in asphalt, The recyclable Gilsonite in recycling time will be easy to recycle from old asphalt and the reuse of recycled Gilsonite in the construction of new Asphalt would be very easy. The modified Gilsonite asphalt when used on the road is much more stronger and narrower in thickness. Gilsonite can be added as a modifier without any special equipment to the asphalt, Gilsonite due to the excellent bonding in the asphalt, will increases the strength of Asphalt on the road against water penetration and erosion.

Gilsonite sealer will increases the life span of the Asphalt and the strength of the Asphalt

Gilsonite Sealer

Gilsonite sealer for Asphalt pavement 

Gilsonite’s certified properties make the asphalt pavement solvents toughen up, and are also quicker to dry and have better appearance of asphalt. Due to the natural nature of the Gilsonite, it is much better for pavement asphalt, and as a naturally occurring antioxidant, asphalt allows the novel to retain its black color. The unique Gilsonite molecular properties repair the asphalt pavement cracking and prevent water penetration in the asphalt or it means waterproofing the asphalt.

Gilsonite Sealer

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