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Gilsonite for Ink use

Gilsonite is using as natural petroleum products in ink producing process as wetting agent for carbon black for kind of ink that is using in black news ink and in heat set ink those are using in laser printers too.

Normally 2% till 5% of finished ink formula would be from Gilsonite and normally in production line in big factories who they are producing offset printing inks will use 10% till 15% from Gilsonite in their production process.

Gilsonite resin will bind the pigments to the paper and one of the most important reason of using gilosnite in ink industry productions is its resin application.

this specification of Gilsonite will avoid from dispersing carbon black on paper and high glass papers.

We are producing Gilsonite ink grade in powder mode with mesh size of 200 micron from high quality filtrated Gilsonite and packing would be 25 kg 2 ply bags with pallet or with out pallet follow of client order or 1000 kg jumbo bags.

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