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Project Description

Gilsonite for Pavement Sealers, The unique properties of Gilsonite improve the quality of the emulsion mixture for asphalt pavement on the road surface and also help the emulsion solution combined with Gilsonite to dry faster, have a longer shelf life and also have a more beautiful appearance.

NameGilsonite Pavement Sealers Grade
Made ByAras Gilsonite
Product CodeGPS110
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What is Gilsonite Pavement Sealers Grade

The asphalt of the roads because of atmospheric erosions, such as extreme cold during the winter season and extreme heating during the summer season, snowfall and rain in different seasons, the collision of heavy objects, and continuous vibrations resulting from the movement of various types of heavy vehicles and the spilling of oil and acid substances. asphalt surfaces will suffer from corrosion and it will find fractures and cracks so for avoiding from all of these problems we need one special additive that must be economy and environment-friendly and after about 50 years of experience, all of the asphalt companies find that best choice is Gilsonite for giving enough resistance to asphalt of roads against all of the items that we mentioned and will hurt to the asphalt of roads.

Gilsonite would be the best material for road paving due to its natural antioxidant properties, because it seals the Gaps and seams on the roads and the color of the road surface stays black for a long time. Gilsonite’s unique molecular formula makes the road surface well resistant to water penetration and the adhesive property of the coating against water is well maintained.

Gilsonite Pavement Sealers Grade Features 

Asphalt paving on roads with Gilsonite mixed pavement would be much more economical than replacing the entire road asphalt and also would be very environmentally friendly too follow of below reasons:

  • The natural antioxidant properties of Gilsonite
  • Rejuvenation of old asphalt roads
  • Having excellent molecular and bonding properties
  • Having a more beautiful and black appearance and resistance to climate change
Gilsonite Asphalt Modifier