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Gilsonite Paint Grade as an additive in Painting industry, helps to maintain durability and stability

Gilsonite Paint Grade is suitable for Strengthening color against moisture and rain and to prevent color erosion. Because of its unique properties, Gilsonite creates an excellent bond in paint and enhances the ability of paint against environmental factors. Gilsonite is a cheap additive for  making the paints anti corrosion For coloring pipes and underground painting.

You can see Gilsonite Paint Grade excellent performance in this area in all places that are used paints with Gilsonite addetive. The use of Gilsonite gives the ability to paints to make pigmentation more effective in addition to creating an anti-corrosion coating layer on the wood And the color if paint will not be dimmed over time.

Gilsonite function as a natural additive for paint is excellent and you can not get this function from a natural or artificial additive.

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