Gilsonite will Decrease Fluid loss control additive Consumption about 62%

In difficult Drilling fluids conditions like highly deviated offshore wells, the Drilling operation will face technical challenges. In Gulfs big Drilling Fluids companies normally operate on highly deviated offshore wells these wells total average depth is about 5000 meters and normally in these wells observed some difficulty like salt domes and hardness in Drilling because of Coal extrusions.

So it would be important to have tight control in fluid loss properties and in this case require more fluid loss control additives. Normally these companies were using diesel based fluids additives those are called OBM and follow of attempting to reduce the cost, they started to use an alternative asphaltite product for fluid loss control but this new alternative additive required a concentration of 35 to 40 kg per m3 too and it was again problem but when they used Gilsonite FLC grade for the Drilling Fluids operation they determined that it can achieve the necessary fluid loss control and also with concentrations as low as 25 kg per m3     

So this was exactly the best Drilling Fluids additives that they were searching for it, this Grade of our Gilsonite is working extremely well with our FLC formulation. We tested other Asphaltite formulations too but we saw that the consumption increased till 70% and again the results showed us the best alternative would be only Asian Gilsonite FLC grade and in this way, the drilling fluids company are buying a lower quantity of Gilsonite FLC as an additive and with the lower price too. In addition, the clients can buy more Gilsonite FLC as an additive at a lower price in comparison with other kinds of Fluid loss additives.

Fluid Loss Control Additive


Asian Gilsonite drilling fluid loss control additive would be more efficient than other additives in the market. all Asian Gilsonite clients can place an order for any quantity of this Grade of Gilsonite that they require by sending their inquiries to our sales department email.

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