Gilsonite Will Reduce Mastic Asphalt Costs

2022-03-10T15:09:12+03:30 March 4th, 2022|Categories: Asphalt|Tags: |

Gilsonite Will Reduce Mastic Asphalt Costs About 20% and increasing its performance too. Recently we did research about how the physical and chemical properties of Gilsonite have an effect on Mastic Asphalt properties in comparison to Lake Asphalt which is normally used in Mastic Bitumen production. In this research, we

Decrease Fluid Loss Control Additive Consumption

2022-06-14T21:12:05+04:30 March 3rd, 2022|Categories: Drilling Fluids|Tags: |

Gilsonite will Decrease Fluid loss control additive Consumption about 62% In difficult Drilling fluids conditions like highly deviated offshore wells, the Drilling operation will face technical challenges. In Gulfs big Drilling Fluids companies normally operate on highly deviated offshore wells these wells total average depth is about 5000 meters and

Gilsonite FLC Impressive Effect in Drilling Fluids

2022-03-03T17:55:25+03:30 March 2nd, 2022|Categories: Drilling Fluids|Tags: |

GILSONITE AS ADDITIVES FOR FLUID LOSS CONTROL One of the big Drilling Fluids companies made a test in their drilling Fluids operation they placed Gilsonite instead of Fluids loss control additives in their operation and after a trial operation, they found that when they used the Asian Gilsonite FLC grade

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