Gilsonite Foundry Grade will increase the quality of metals Foundry in casting molds, it is necessary to use Gilsonite in casting mold sands.

Benefits of Gilsonite using in Foundry

  • When Gilsonite Foundry Grade is using in sand casting molding, Three times more gas is produced, which makes the metal more free than the mold.

  • Gilsonite Foundry Grade will Create more gloss in casting metals

  • Gilsonite Foundry Grade will fill the empty spaces available in the casting mold to make the final Foundry product more beautiful

Casting is a very well-known and commonly used human history, and it is always a matter of humanity that solves the problem of cleaning the finest of the molten metal after removing the mold. in these days, adding Gilsonite powder to sand for casting molding solved this issue.


This grade of Gilsonite would be in 200 mesh size powder mode with high quality and it can be best replacement of other Carbon additives for foundry and mold Casting products.

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