Gilsonite is a natural product from Crude oil but not by humans it is produced by nature after more than thousands of years in deep layers of the earth.

But for create of Gilsonite in depth layers of earth two factors are very important first pressure and second high temperature. after these two factor accrue together in near of crude oil wells surfaces the mineral bitumen or natural bitumen that most people know it as name Gilsonite will be produced by the act of nature.

Somebody is knowing the Gilsonite with name of Natural asphalt too and all of these names are true but we must explain about Gilsonite name this name is brand of first company in USA who find the Gilsonite for the first time they placed your brand name on this material about 100 years ago. but after some years in Iran Gilsonite mines founds too in west of Iran with better quality in more quantity because Iran is land of crude oil and in west of Iran both of those items exist we explained for you these items because the layers of earth always are moving and this movements will create the Gilsonite.

But these days Gilsonite completely known in all of the world and people are calling it with different name according its specifications and features.

  • Gilsonite color is Black and when its quality is high it is shiny and has a very nice looking

  • Gilsonite is look like Coal but has a very difference in specifications and applications

  • Gilsonite smell is like heavy Gasoline but when it burning its smell is exactly like penetration Bitumen 

Gilsonite is very well-known in Bitumen, Asphalt and drilling fluid industries because it has all features of petroleum materials with a cheaper price and most important in a solid mode that can give the ability to Gilsonite using in powder mode for your reference Gilsonite powder has more usage, especially in ink industries.

Follow of these Gilsonite uses Asian Gilsonite has the experience to produce Gilsonite with different quality for each uses in due industries so we can supply these grades



Gilsonite drilling fluid

Gilsonite sealer

Gilsonite asphalt grade

Gilsonite ink grade

Gilsonite Paint grade

Gilsonite foundry grade

Gilsonite for waterproof roofing felt

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