Gilsonite Would be the best replacement for Soltex (sodium asphalt sulfonate) Additive

Gilosnite will act as Soltex in WBM (Water-Based mud) with 25-50% lower costs, it would be a most cost effective and high-performance additive with most effective in a wide range of water based. in the wells with both low and high temperature Gilsonite is as most famous renowned shale stabilizer. Gilsonite will disperses quickly and easily
in WBM, Gilsonite powder would be a free flowing powder that mixes easily through the hopper and disperses with only mild agitation and it is resistant to pollutants and does not require additional surfactants.

Get Soltex performance with 25 to 50 percent less cost

Gilsonite compared to Soltex works exactly like that at a much lower cost than Soltex, in addition Gilsonite requires no additional surfactants and coupling agents and as a result, it allows you to consume less additives and ultimately reduces your costs

How Gilsonite Costs Are Less Than Soltex Additive By Chart

Gilsonite instead of Soltex

Gilsonite WBM Grade Properties And Features

  • Gilsonite powder does not form a lump when floating

  • Compatible with all water based substrates

  • It disperses well on the surface of the fluid with the slightest movement

  • Gilsonite is mineral and natural material

  • In all wells with low temperature or high temperature would be effective

  • Gilsonite will Reduce Torque And Drag

Gilsonite has a wide range of performance benefits

  • Gilsonite powder does not form a lump when floating

  • Compatible with all water based substrates

  • Prevents leakage and loss of fluids

  • Gilsonite will Stabilizes the shales

  • Preventing from circulation lose

  • Gilsonite strengthens the well hole wall

  • Causes lubrication in hard well structures

  • Gilsonite is environment friendly

Gilsonite in controlling hole enlargement would be so effective

In all wells, hole enlargement is a major problem in Drilling fluids operation And this scale would be roughly equivalent 50% in the 12.25 inch holes, when we added 4 ppb of Gilsonite to conventional water based formulation reduced hole enlargement till 15% so this is very good result that would be only possible by Gilsonite additive instead of Soltex additive.

Gilsonite has much higher advantages and performance compared to other alternatives in the field of well drilling Drilling fluids phases

Gilsonite Instead Soltex Additive

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